>What Can We Learn ?


I just linked to a blog called ryestar. Very interesting man this Ryan. I thought I had deep thoughts and a fairly diverse and extensive vocabulary until I read this gentleman’s blog. I suffer from periodic bouts of self doubt and self deprecation in case no one has noticed.

What I found interesting about this man’s blog is that he wrote. Not about boobs and farts and whatever else men think about. I don’t mean to be shortsighted but most male conversation does revolve around balls – either theirs being scratched or one that is being kicked around a field, carried under the arm or wacked with a little stick. This man was quite deep and he actually showed emotion. He showed admiration and respect for his fiancee. He showed the ability to observe the power of nature that most seem to ignore or be oblivious to. He showed tenderness and wonder about a small child and the new eyes with which they see the world. In short, he blew my perspective about straight men right out of the water.

God love my husband – he can carry a decent conversation about anything from golf, to politics, to home repairs. I can lose him for hours at a party and he’s had five completely different conversations with 10 different people. But emotional things, not so much. He is not distant or unemotional he is just able to feel it, experience it and let it go. He doesn’t brood or let things fester. Not nearly long enough as far as I’m concerned so that way I don’t feel bad when I bring something up over and over and over. He does cry. He does vent. He does get blue. Most importantly, he supports me when I do. But I think overall he’d rather discuss balls.

So thank you ryestar. You’ve opened my eyes to what men are capable of. You’ve shown me that men can blog in a reasonable manner with thought and feeling. It’s always nice to start the day by learning something.

2 thoughts on “>What Can We Learn ?

  1. >*gulp* I am so incredibly grateful for your kind assessment of my scribblings. I really do wish to write again. I find my attempts to record the ebb and flow of days to fall short of what I would consider readable. Plus, the proliferation and commercialization of the blogosphere has made the experience almost passe. I do still read though, and consider yourself +1 in the readership category.Ryan

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