>I Need to See a Boy About Some Clay …


Have to get one shot in about my boy. He has gone loco in the cabasa over Lego and clay. If you are reading this via my Facebook page, have a look at his creations. This boy was recently given my brother’s set of Lego from 1976. He recreated every image on the box with no instructions. EVERYTHING. And correctly I might add. He just has to be given a picture and he can recreate it. He has done just about the entire Simpson’s cast out of plasticine with the most minutiae of detail. And this boy has what they call Fine Motor Visual Integration issues ! Bascially his brain is not supposed to be able to tell his hands what to do. Well apparently his brain has finally decided to start doing something right and his hands are going like mad things !

If anyone has any ideas about how we can parlay this into a career, I am all ears. Anyone work for Disney, Pixar or any other place like that ? Have I got a future claymation specialist for you !

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