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>Gives Me Hope

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I’ve just lucked into the greatest little blog. Matt is an Aspie like my boy. Matt also likes to cartoon, just like my boy. Matt is an adult Aspie that has managed to build himself a pretty decent life, be comfortable with himself and appears to be a well rounded guy. This gives me hope. My boy is hyper-creative. Plasticene, Kinects, Lego, Cartooning, Claymation – you name it, he can create in it. I’ve bought more books, videos, clay, plasticene to support my boy’s habit than I care to admit. HOWEVER, I’ve yet to find a social group that I can sign my boy up for so that he can find other people who love to do what he does – until Matt.

You give me hope Matt. Hope that my boy will find his way. Hope that he may someday make a living out what he loves to do. Hope that he will continue to grow and learn and appreciate his uniqueness like I try to.

Thank you Matt for your story. I’ve sent your book to my son’s teacher to provide her with another resource to help my son understand himself and hopefully help others to understand him better. THANK YOU !!!

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