>Kinds of Rain


Thunder rolls and the lightening cracks the dark sky in two.  The energy is palpable and invigorating.  It makes being inside and getting all those little jobs done you don’t want to do when the sun shines that much easier.  The rain beats against the windows and the powerful wind bends the trees beyond.  It reminds you to be grateful you have a home to protect you.  Suddenly doing dishes isn’t so bad.
Then there is the big, sloppy rain like the spray from a St. Bernard having a shake.  The sky is low and cloudy.  The air is thick.  You feel drenched and quenched and refreshed.  Almost as though you didn’t realize how dry and thirsty you were before the rain came.  The flowers open up to drink in the gift from the skies and the spider webs wobble under the weight of the big drops.  The trees that were almost forced to let loose their hold on the earth dig in and send their roots down further tightening their hold.
Sun showers are the best type of rain.  The world around you gets washed clean.  The grass sparkles and the leaves on the trees glisten.  The birds bathe in the puddles until little feet come along to stomp and play.  Worms make their way along enjoying the warmth of the sun and the slickness of the mud beneath them.  An older couple walks along under the protection of a huge yellow umbrella remembering when their children once enjoyed a run in the rain.  It’s nature’s sprinkler adding a pleasant memory to a lazy summer’s day.

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