>The Body


She was mysterious and sexy looking.  She was already ready for fast times and a faster ride.  She could go for short, intense bursts that would leave you breathless or take it slow, drawing out the ecstasy until you couldn’t bear it any longer but never wanted it to end.  Men adored her, women envied her and no one would ever truly own her.  She gave only the best under the right set of hands.  If handled her  just the right way you could feel her shake beneath you as the power built up just waiting for the perfect release.  It was an exquisite thing to watch when she performed.  She was like quick silver in the bright sun.  Twisting and turning in the electric blue water like an exotic fish that no one had ever seen before.  She defied convention and demanded attention.  No one could be nearby and not stop to look.  It was impossible to look away once she had captured your attention.
Lila turned the boat away from the shore in a smooth arc.  The wheel moved effortlessly and gave such a feeling of freedom.  If only the rest of her life could be this easy.  Did she really need to return to the dock and leave this feeling of freedom behind ?  She decided not.  She decided that today was her day.  Today she would become everything the boat embodied: mystery, power and freedom.  The dock began to disappear in the distance.  Smaller and smaller it became until she felt the invisible tie to her life snap.  As she drove the boat towards the horizon, her mind cleared, her spirit soared and she revved up the engine for a fast ride to anywhere.

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