I borrowed this phrase from Marsha Boulton who writes “Life with Wally the Wonderdog”.  She uses it to describe that moment between sheer joy and insanity that dogs experience as they run with wild abandon.  I’ve yet to figure out what exactly precipitates this moment but I love it when it comes.
I’ve noticed that my dog hucklebutts.  After a walk, after playing or for no reason at all Chanel will hucklebutt.  In order for you to truly understand the phenomenon of hucklebutting, I must provide you with a definition:  Hucklebutting is to run with great speed in no particular direction with no particular reason other than to get the tail as low to the ground as possible while appearing to get the hind legs to run faster than those leading the chase.  A big doggy smile is usually plastered across this same doggy face with the tongue lolling out and sharp barks punctuating the sudden stops, turns and starts.
Thought the definition would be short didn’t you ? But how can one sell short the experience of hucklebutting ?  Isn’t one obligated to share the complete description so that the reader can enjoy the experience of hucklebutting as much as possible ?  I believe one is.  While the act of hucklebutting will be unique to each animal the overall meaning is the same.
On a crisp fall morning, I watched my dog, a 13 pound whir of white fur, hucklebutt her way through my flower beds and front lawn.  I found myself encouraging her.  Maybe my way of vicarious hucklebutting.  If she paused to catch her breath, I’d egg her on and off she’d go.  She leaped across the driveway and onto the neighbors’ lawn.  She circled like a pony going around a barrel and headed back my way.  As she approached the retaining wall at the edge of our driveway, she launched into the air and landed cleanly in the middle of the lawn.  A perfect 10 for form and daring style.  A quick circle through the flower beds narrowly averting the pond and she was back at my feet barking madly as if to say, “Hey – you there ! Isn’t this great ? Does it get any better than this ?”
I don’t think her hind legs ever passed those leading the chase but we both had a great time as they tried.

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