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>Enjoying the Moment

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I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed something with no other thoughts to interrupt it.  I guess the last time would be as a child.  As I passed my way through the school yard, I watched the children running after each other shouting with pure freedom.  No other thoughts to intrude and spoil the moment but that of fun.  One little girl drew my attention.  She was stooped over a flower and seemed oblivious to those around her as if there was no need to whoop and run.  She was fascinated by what was in front of her and that was all that mattered. 

Her long blond hair fell in front of her face as she leaned over something.  She was a tiny little thing wearing raggedy shorts and a bright purple t-shirt.  As I walked around the school yard waiting for my own children, I wandered a little closer to the little girl to see what fascinated her so.  A small insect was making its way up the green stem, slowly climbing its own Mount Everest.  The girl watched as the bug progressed on its journey.  She impatiently pushed her hair back when it fell forward almost knocking the bug off.

I marveled at how the girl was completely in the moment.  No worry creased her face.  She was not distracted and only paying half attention.  She wasn’t making lists to keep track of the day, the weeks, the months to come.  She was wholly in the school yard, marveling at the beautiful flower with the small insect as her only focus.  I envied her in that moment.  I envied her the blissful ignorance of youth and hoped that like the flower before her, she would continue to grow, bloom and enjoy the sun for many years to come.  I hoped that she would find her own Everest and have the courage to make the climb as so many before her had not.
I left the school yard with a child on each hand yet lighter than I’d felt in a long time.  It had been a while: maybe days, maybe weeks, maybe even months since I had felt so light.  As I looked at my children’s beautiful faces on this glorious sunny day, I asked, “Wanna go watch some bugs ?” and off we went.

Author: Elizabeth Plouffe

Writer, communicator, entrepreneur, tea enthusiast (bordering on fanatic) who enjoys helping others connect. Cookbook reader, cottage lover, book devourer (apparently I make up my own language too) and seeker of the ambition to exercise.

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