Can We Say Communication ?

Let me start by saying that I love my husband.  I do.  He has many great qualities which makes it easier to forgive his wacking large flaw – he sucks at communication.  SUCKS.  I come home after a long day at work and look forward to spending some time with my hubby.  What is so special about this night you ask ? Not much.  I haven’t seen him for a while as he’s been working over time.  HE made the point to me the other day that he wasn’t working this weekend and wouldn’t it be nice to spend time together ? To this I said YES. It really would.  When he was researching the Canadian Music Fest and his mom dropped off wrist bands to get in, you’d think I would have gotten a clue.  BUT NO.  He had been planning and continued to plan this little outing without a freaking word to me.  Does he need my permission to go out ? Hell no.  HOWEVER, do not make a point of saying how nice it will be to spend time together and then go off for a night with your buddy to a concert fest without even freaking asking me if I’d like to go !!! ASS$%&! !!! JERK !!!  Needless to say, this current lapse in communication is standing in a long line with of all the other times he has failed to adequately communicate his plans for an activity.  This makes it very difficult to continue to wax poetic about his other amazing qualities.  This particular flaw makes me want to smack him senseless and send him hurtling down a flight of long, concrete stairs with an open pit of alligators at the bottom to give him the butt chewing he deserves.

Argh. Men.

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