Truly Frustrated

I am not one that normally cares about appearance.  Really.  I’m quite happy in my fleece as I am in my 4″ platforms – when I have a chance to wear them that is.  However, there are certain aesthetic points about my blog that are irritating me to the point of distraction.  I can’t get the colors right.  I can’t find the right header art that really speaks to me and makes me smile when I open my blog.  I can’t get the right font.  Lots and lots of can’ts here and I really don’t like that.  I recognize that it should be about the words.  I recognize that it should be about my writing and what I am trying to communicate.  BUT IT’S REALLY, REALLY BUGGING ME.   I visit all these snappy blogs and they have pictures and they have book pages and they have all the things that I want to have but can’t seem to figure out.  There is that damn word again.

So – my new mission, and for those of you that know me you know what this signifies (OCD to the end), is to find the blog format that fits what I want.  I will twiddle and tweek and change and augment like some high end Barbie whose second home is her plastic surgeon.  I will find a way to make it work so that the word can’t only shows up as the first part of I CAN !

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