Like a Compass With a Faulty Needle

Some people are born with direction.  Some develop direction.  Some have great direction thrust upon them.  With great direction comes great responsbility !! So far I appear to be off the hook then.  My compass has six norths, a couple wests, many souths and an east thrown in for some balance.  It spins and spins looking for which way to lead me and as yet, I remain in the spot that I started.  This is the lot of the creative person who searches in vain for a career path that will lead to somewhere, anywhere, that is farther from where they are now . 

I really like my job.  I do.  However, no one can stay at one position for the rest of their life.  So the time will come when I must draw out the trusty compass from it’s moth balled state and seek a new direction.  The question is, how can I pick which way to go ?  I also seem to keep using “we” as I type and then correcting myself.  What’s that about ? See – I go in many different directions.  Some may refer to them as seguays or as my friend and I like to call that spacey check out time “shiny things”.  Stay focused ! Yes, the cute little black shoes are on sale and fit like a dream but we are shopping for a new washing machine which are not in the same department at all.  This method of looking for new things is very counter productive when looking in to careers.  Oh look at the lovely editing job ! That would be great – fits my skills, fits my personality but oops not the right education.  OH look over there ! Counsellor !  Fits my skills, fits my personality but oops that damn education thing comes up again.  Let’s try a new department shall we ?  Let’s see …. why not teacher ?  Fits my skills, fits my personality but ooops that DAMN education thing again !  I’m seeing a pattern.  Are you seeing a pattern ?

Trying to pick a direction is complicated by many things not the least of which is my defective compass.  My educational background is in Travel and Tourism and Medical Office Administration.  Two very specific focuses that don’t really translate well in to other areas.  Pieces do but I can’t really apply them towards a degree of any kind which will help in the defective compass situation.  The diplomas I have are older than my kids and I doubt anyone uses a typewriter any more.  The internet was new and shiny the last time I went to college.  Do you get the picture ?  Bleak I know.  So how do I pick a direction that will require minimal re-education and fit my personality type and my skills ? How indeed.  I just finished a Critical and Creative Thinking course to get my feet wet and earned a 94.5%.  My diplomas might be dusty but I guess them learnin’ skills are still sharp.

I’m trying another course in addition to my TAW.  This one involves using the Myers-Briggs personality test.  I appear to be a INFJ – Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging type of person.  I will brag a moment and cite the study which advises that approximately 1% of the population that takes this test falls in to this category.  Ahem – a little applause if you please.  Carl Jung can’t be all wrong about my uniqueness and I’ll take that little bit of happy if you don’t mind.  Taking this test has allowed me to start to delve in to why the needle on my compass may be a little skewed, maybe not as sharp as the learnin’ skills, and maybe in need of some straigtening out.  It has always been universally acknowledged by anyone brave enought to tell me the truth that I am somewhat “different”.  My personality has its perks and challenges like anyone, but I seem to present more challenges on a day to day basis.  I learn differently.  I speak differently.  I approach problems differently.  Different enough at least that it can cause me some consternation in the work place.  Different enough that getting that damn needle to stay still long enough for me to breathe and find my way proves quite challenging.  Different enough that I’m very tempted to take some duct tape out of my vast stores and force that damn needle to point north more often than it points south.

My goal is to see if I can use this course to at least steady the needle.  At least provide some type of focus so that I can assess my skill set and find a good fit.  I would greatly appreciate it if the needle could also help me find the best courses to take to maximize on my existing skill set,  augment my wonderful interpersonal skills and make me shine like the brightest star in the night sky so that I may become a beacon for those companies whose moral compass matches my own, which leads them inexplicably to come knocking and banging and begging at my door for me to work for them.  That’s not too much to expect from one little needle is it ?

Off I will venture in to the land of introspection and fact finding that I excel at so well.  How far I go on this adventure is purely up to me and the new compass I am going to buy tomorrow.  For finding direction comes down to many things, not the least of which is perseverance.  And that my friends is a skill I have in spades.  So join me won’t you as I find a new path which may take me farther than I’d hoped, closer to balance than I am now and going in the right direction towards the creative life I’ve always wanted.

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