New Plan

Walking away in frustration, with myself and the situation, I began to clean.  This is what I do when I have pent up frustration and the law prevents me from committing some type of heinous act.  Thank goodness that law is in effect all the time as I am frequently frustrated.  But I digress.

Maybe what I need to do is practice one of the tenets of Fortytude: grace.  With grace I will continue to write and just enjoy it.  With grace, I will frequent those that inspire me and continue to enjoy their work.  With grace, I will accept that this is my process and it will happen the way it’s meant to happen.  Or maybe, I will revisit the law and see what heinous act I can commit without hurting anyone, going to jail or making my surprisingly high self induced guilt go in to overdrive …

2 thoughts on “New Plan

  1. Hmm. I say try finding a middle ground before looking into the whole breaking-the-law thing. Remember – jail orange looks good on no one :P. Maybe buy a punching bag instead of going on a rampage?

    • Actually I can rock the orange look but jumpsuits just make my butt look HUGE ! You’re right – in the name of fashion I must find a better outlet for my hostility 🙂

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