The New Kid Again

Another September
another set of new shoes
new school supplies
new chances to learn
to make friends
to grow.
Every year the excitement builds
the summer speeds by
in a frenzy of popsicles,
bicycle rides and blue skies
the relief at the end of school
soon gives way to anticipation.
What will my teacher be like
they ask
What will the kids in my class be like
they ask
Will I have fun
they ask
all good questions that September will answer.
Every year is a chance
to be the new kid
to reinvent, rediscover
A chance to redeem what might
have been left from last year
a chance to do better, do more
to see possibilities.
For the past 9 years
I have sent my children off
for their first days
their chance to be the new kid
our nerves all jangly
wondering about all those
questions that will now be answered.
This year
I will be the new kid
though not so new in many ways
and something I have not been for a long time
I already have some of the answers
I’ve already lived through many first days
and survived
even with the jangly nerves.
This year
will be my year
to reinvent my career path
to rediscover the student in me
to redeem past failures
that should be seen as experiences
but still sting.
This year
we will be shopping together
my children and I
for new shoes
new school supplies
and waiting for the chance
to make new friends
and grow.
Another September
but this year we will
all share our first day jangly nerves
for the same reason
and my children and I
will grow together
even more.



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