As It Blows

Wind God by Ogata Korin

Image via Wikipedia

Stirring leaves the blowing begins
softly you hear the rustle
like an invisible set of fingers
combing through the green
untangling the wilderness.
The tall flowers bend
nodding their thanks and
saying hello to the friend of the clouds
that carries their seeds to far away places
to spread life and beauty.
The power of this invisible deity
that can bring refreshment
or rip off roofs
is a source of curiosity and comfort
to those that watch
in amazement and trepidation.
A breath of coolness can stir us
out of the stupor
that its’ warmer cousin brings
with its heat and humidity
and the barometric swelling of
flesh and vessels.
Feeling invigorated by possibility
will the tree fall
will the storm come
will my hat fly away
we wait for what its kiss will bring.
It blows through the trees
muting the hum and rattle
of the false wind-maker
created by blades and freon
cooling but making us feel cheated all the same.
The birds soar and dive
catching the breeze and floating
as though being cradled
resting on the motion
created by sun and water.
The world seems more alive
during this dance of nature
creating and releasing energy
to keep us alive or kill us
as it chooses.
Maybe that explains the fascination
that this force of possibility holds
for those that feel it
surrounding us with its fleeting embrace
bringing us to death or life.
No hand is attached
to the finger that glides
across my cheek or
ruffles my skirt
or destroys my home.
The magical and mystical
the wonderous and vengeful
for now I will sit and enjoy
the relief it has brought
closing my eyes as I join the birds.

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