A question and exclamation mark of jigsaw puzz...

Image by Horia Varlan via Flickr

I am feeling fractured
my mind is like
pieces of different
jigsaw puzzles whose pieces
will not fit together
but are trying anyway.
The pieces reflect
different moods
different times
different facets
of a life that is changing
to create a whole new picture.
How do I make sure
that I’ve picked the right picture
the one that will be
art on my wall
and not graffiti on my soul.
What is it
about putting pieces together
that requires so much glue
and pushing to make
things fit so the picture is clear ?
Why is it
that my mind breaks
in to these little pieces of myself
making me feel broken
and unable to live
in the skin I was given
rather than the one I want to make.
I breathe deeply
to calm the fractured
and jumbled puzzle pieces
of my mind
remembering that Buddha
believes in our ability
to heal pain with each breath.
Pull in the sorrow of the world
that surrounds you
with every inhalation
Give out the good within you
with every rush of air
from your soul
knowing that it is infinite.
The pieces will come
together for me
forming the picture of
the life I need to lead
creating art on the blank canvas
that is my mind. 

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