As It Builds

I sense it coming
before the weather man
even has to speak a word
before I have to check
before the first rumble
before the pain fully takes hold.
I can feel the storm
before it announces itself
winds blowing up above clouds
where the sun still shines
deceptively serene and shiny
before the darkness comes inside and out.
It will announce itself
in the deep gray matter
that rests between my ears
and sits 3 feet above my posterior
in the battleground of my brain
the scene of many skirmishes.
First comes the
tank slowly travelling
across any part of my cranium
it can find
exploring the territory
before the enemy can invade.
I bring out the arsenal
starting with the smallest bullets
in the dire hope that this will
be enough
before the pain builds
even as the first missile is launched.
The pressure begins
to back build
starting in the empty space
that makes up most of my skull
where colds usually lay siege
the space before the brain.
The empty spaces
are where the bombs echo the most
that small but insistent warning
that the pain is coming
that I’d better ready the troops
before the real attack begins. 
Slowly the lights go out
the eyes close
the head falls forward
in to the waiting hand
the will attempt to soothe
or reach for more artillery.
It is tiring
this war on pain
this battle of grey on gray
the seemingly never-ending
directing of the troops
to bring peace.
Between General Ibuprofen
and Colonel Acetaminophen
the desire to win the war
is equal
before the battle field
is littered with more dead neurons.
One day
when I am rich and golden
and the world clamors to read
my every word
I will become a voice
for fellow casualties of this war.
We will band together
my fellow veterans and I
we will suss out the power
of the storm
and silence the cannons
before the first shot is fired.
We will honorably discharge
General Ibuprofen and
Colonel Acetaminophen
for duties beyond the call
and a battle well fought
to bring peace.
I can feel the storm building
the battle has not been
won quite yet
the troops must be rallied
the arsenal restocked
the weather man shot.

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