I hide behind
the search for information
that will make the journey
the easiest, most efficient
and least effective.
Hiding behind
books and magazines
and any other piece of paper
I can add to shore up
the wall of excuses.
one plan or another
that I know I won’t
follow or succeed at
because I choose it for its probability to fail.
I hide behind the
promises of quick fixes and great gains
knowing that it won’t work
but will give me something else to blame
other than myself.
To hide behind
is getting me nothing
except a big butt, poor health
and a large stack of paper
which I could use to the light my fire.
My hiding
is hurting me and
impinging on my happiness
which I can no longer
allow to happen.
must stop and be done
before the paper and excuses
consume my life
and ruin my body.
So the hiding is over
there is nothing for it
except hard work
and the loathed exercise
that the hiding did not banish.
The hiding is over
the body can no longer
take the excuses or the failure
the mind cannot absorb
any more facts to fashion in to excuses.
Hiding is over
success will be pursued
with the same enthusiasm
with which facts
were once gathered.
And from the hiding
will emerge the person
that I’ve been avoiding
all along
the one that I’ve been hiding from.
From the hiding
I will seek to embrace
the self I abandoned
in pursuit of paper
instead of happiness.
The hiding
will now be abandoned
and the self will emerge triumphant
with the paper
lining the path to success.

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