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Me, Harry Potter, and an FUI (Flying Under the Influence) (via storytelling nomad)


This is a writer after my own heart. One who can wax poetic about the fantasmic aspects of Harry Potter while simultaneously poking fun at herself. I too wish for the ability to master potions and flying. It would sure shorten my commute to school if I had a broomstick handy. Some would say I should pull the stick out of my butt so with any luck it will be a Nimbus 2000.

Me, Harry Potter, and an FUI (Flying Under the Influence) 30 Day Book Challenge Day 5: Book you wish you could live in This is so easy, for the simple reason that I have so often dreamed of living in this particular book.  I cannot count the number of times I've read the series, but I do know I've done so not only in English, but also in the Italian and French translations.  In fact, I account my knowing words such as 'owls' and 'wands' in languages other than English to these books. Since it's debut in … Read More

via storytelling nomad

Author: Elizabeth Plouffe

Writer, communicator, entrepreneur, tea enthusiast (bordering on fanatic) who enjoys helping others connect. Cookbook reader, cottage lover, book devourer (apparently I make up my own language too) and seeker of the ambition to exercise.

6 thoughts on “Me, Harry Potter, and an FUI (Flying Under the Influence) (via storytelling nomad)

  1. Hoorah! Thanks for the repost! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂
    I, too, wish I could pull a Nimbus 2000 from my derriere….

  2. I adore the HP series. I grew up on these books, and without them, I never would have become a reader. I may even call myself slightly obsessed, but I don’t care.

  3. Isn’t it crazy how addictive Harry is ? My mom and I have read all the books (several times) and turned the movies in to annual birthday events. My kids ? No interest.

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