No Time At All

I stood waiting in the airport
thinking of the last time I saw you
and it was just like
no time at all
had passed.
Instantly I was there
on the coast of France
alternating between homesickness
and in complete fascination
by the sea, the people, the history.
I thought of the stories
that were told
the adventures that were had
the meals shared
only yesterday.
But yesterday
was 25 years ago
the last time I saw
your smiling faces
in anything but a webcam.
when I was 15
with no kids, both parents,no experience
and time passed
in no time at all.
But it didn’t matter
those 25 years
my family, my loved ones
are here for a visit
and time will pass in no time at all.
To hold you again
to see you for real
to hear you laugh
new adventures to be had
in our time together.
Isn’t it strange
how when it is family
time doesn’t matter
time doesn’t factor
time doesn’t make a difference at all.
I stood in the airport today
waiting with happiness
brimming in my eyes
and the second you walked out that door
it was like no time had passed at all.
For you are my family
you are part of my heart
part of who I am
part of my past and future
and our time is my life.

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