New Meaning for Squirrel

That’s right.  I said it.  Squirrel.  Since when did a furry, flea ridden, nut obsessed rodent become a dirty word ?  Scamming on your squirrel.  Jeesh.  How gross is that ?  I’m sure there is some equally disgusting slang involving a furry rodent and the male anatomy but it eludes me right now.  Either way – can’t say as I am fond of the female version.  My opinion of that particular vernacular was further enforced last week when  I became a foster parent to an 8 week old squirrel I’ve named Little Dude.

Before anyone goes on an animal rant – this was not my idea.  I did not go looking for another odd pet to replace the lizard I have still not found a home for.  This Little Dude was abandoned which I’ve confirmed with a Wildlife Conservation society.  Little Dude is going to be our guest for a bit courtesy of my husband and children who encountered Little Dude at the park.  Any normal person would have walked by, said Oh what a cute squirrel and kept walking.  My family ?  We attract lost little furry things like lint on fleece.  And so Little Dude came home.

I will admit he is cute.  He is a great learning experience for the kids and me.  I have to cut it short tonight but I will take a moment to introduce Little Dude to you.  Oh the stories that have already begun …

May I introduce to you: Little Dude.

So the next time I want to talk to you about my squirrel, I mean a little squirrel named Little Dude who will be staying in my house for a little bit. 🙂  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go feed my squirrel some nuts…

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