Floating Away

Thoughts are getting lost
between the confines
of my brain
and the ether
to the paper.
They swirl and jump
playing with structure
dancing out of reach
teasing me to
capture them permanently.
I watch them float away
struggling to stay within reach
wanting to be captured
longing for the paper
to be read.
Words strive to come together
their purpose is
to entertain, titillate
and draw the reader
a picture of life.
Words make us feel
and long for more
wanting to turn the page
that the words
have jumped upon.
The fleeting moments
of genius that burns
flicker like a candle
on a windy day
with nothing to keep it lit.
My flame will roar
burning the words
on to the page
before they turn
to the ash of forgetting.
This ash clouds things
it lies around in piles
taking up space
where the ideas
could rise like a phoenix. 
My plan ?
to brush away the ash
to lay the foundation
for more creativity
a new fire.
The ideas will float
but not away
they will surround me
waiting their turn
for a chance on the page.

3 thoughts on “Floating Away

    • De nada 🙂 I like your exercise routine. As I’m a bit more suburban an orange jumpsuit might stand out a bit more but it gave me some good ideas. I tried to follow your blog so I can keep up on the orange jumpsuit adventures but I appear to be having a temporary lapse and can’t find it ?

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