Pen to paper
thousands of years
a connection through the ages
not felt when
going tap, tap, tap.
Parchment and quill
papyrus and stylus
rock and chisel
generation to generation
passing words.
It is comforting to know
that millions of people
are in my words
using my hand
to tell their story.
I am connected
to monks
to Queens
to cavemen
by the scratching of my pen.
Comforting, renewal of purpose
from this pen
to this notebook
as I am reminded
that we all begin this way.
Too many screens
for children today
no connection to
time-honored tradition
and the joy of ink.
Disconnected from books
unappreciative of the sacrifice of trees
lost to the understanding
of those that came before
and the gift of words they gave.
Words are being digitized
individualism and personality
shown by the stroke of the pen
is being replaced by
the fonts representing others.
The smell of the paper
how you curl the tail of your y
how you cross the top of your t
do you add a saucy flair
with a purple, glittery pen.
Soothing, quiet, connected 
requiring no other power
than that of a creative mind
and a hand that was perfectly built
to hold a pen to paper.

One thought on “Connected

  1. Too true… Very beautiful, Elizabeth. I often wish that I wrote by hand more. One of the reasons I love school (and it’s a silly reason) is because I get to take notes, which I always do by hand, and get to see notebooks filling up with the ink of my pens.

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