What Comes Down

keeping all the balls
precariously airborne.
Throw up life
and watch dreams
fall towards an
outstretched hand
with slippery, weak fingers.
Throw up creativity
and watch reality
big, red, hot and burning
come down
ready to burst the hand in to flames.
Throw up money
and watch worry
plummet like a grey bomb
ready to explode
with the shrapnel of responsibility.
Throw up your voice
and watch criticism
morph in to balls
so small, so fast, so powerful
thousands of holes are instantly created.
Throw up your power
and watch it grow
in to a ball of light
filled with possibility
that forces you to catch it.
Throw up your love
amazed at how heavy it is
from all those that
believe in you
and what you have to give.
Throw up your ability
and be humbled
at how you only thought
you had one ball to throw
and now see a rainbow.
Balancing, juggling, throwing
what goes up
is not always
what you thought
you threw in the first place.

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