I open the bag
eagerly anticipating the gift
inside the shiny, gold wrapping
sparkling in the light
glinting with promise.
Closing my eyes
to heighten the moment
stretch out the anticipation
savor the deliciousness of the moment
before recklessly reaching in.
What will I find 
amongst the gifts
I’ve been given
that have been chosen
just for me ?
Will I find
the patience that I ask for
every year
hoping to finally
slow down and see it all?
Will I find
the courage I lack
wrapped in bravado and false chutzpah
or true courage
to believe and be brave of heart?
Will I find
the creativity that I
run from
waiting for me to accept
and finally set it free ? 
Will I find
the compassion that is
hiding beneath
judgment and contempt
for fear of being weak ?
So many gifts
have been chosen
especially for me
to enrich my life
and fulfill my life’s promise.
The bag is ripped open
and the gifts fall out
tumbling and multiplying
like forbidden treasure
that elusive chalice of possibility.
They burn my skin
searing in hope and opportunity
covering me in promise
enveloping me in anticipation
for the time to shine has come.

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