Keeping Up

I want to embrace the power of social media.  I really do !  Especially with my current choice of studies: it is a necessity.  I need to keep up with Twitter and blogging and Linking and Liking and posting … but quite frankly by the end of the day the last thing I want to do is plug-in to anything never mind screen after screen.  I get amazing stories in my email box that I fully plan to check out and comment on and provide feedback to the wonderful people who spend the time to write them.  And then the day goes by and I get caught up in school work and family and the rest of life.

My words of wisdom are not going to make the life and death difference to any author.  I value good work and think it should be recognized.  I want to show my friends that I care about what is happening to them.  I need to link up to a network of professionals that will be a great resource once the reality of looking for a new job in a foreign industry hits me.  But the screen is not my friend.  The screen grates on my eyes.  The screen slowly but surely is probably causing the erosion of what few brain cells I have that actually function on a regular basis.  So my keep up the good work comments stay on the tip of my tongue.  My friends are relegated to the occasional like or happy face.  And my network of professionals looks like some half blind spider got drunk and went on some wonky spinning spree.

So it looks like I need to add something else to my to do list: make more effort to embrace social media.  What exactly can I kick off my current list in order to make room for this ?  My kids ? Nope – they still like me and that won’t last too much longer.  My husband ? Nope – my time with him is already limited as he is my sugar daddy for this educational year and working his butt off.  My friends ? Nope – that is already preciously doled out time on both ends.  The only option is me.  I can kick myself off the list.  So long Glee.  So long sipping tea in my comfy chair and reading my latest finds from the church book sale.  So long clean underwear although technically I guess I could run the machine while I peruse the who’s who of Facebook.  It’s not like I have to hand scrub and crank to clean gitch any more.  So clean laundry can stay on the list.  I just wonder when I will find the time to change …

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