What About the About ?

I am curious.  How do you feel about people posting a comment on your about page ?  For some reason it bothers me.  Maybe because I suspect that this is a tactic to draw people to other pages.  And I understand this – I honestly do.  I want people to read my stuff.  I want to connect and have people provide feedback.  I get it – I do.  However irrational it is – I need to ask:  what about the about ?

I wouldn’t dream of deleting anyone’s comments because I value the time they took to check out my about.  I like that they want to know more about me.  I try to keep my about updated so that it’s not the same thing as a year ago.  I’ve changed so the about should change.  But I will confess I have thought about it…

Having said all that – thank you for reading.  Thank you for checking me out !  And thank you for posting your feedback.  After all – that’s what it’s all about.

2 thoughts on “What About the About ?

  1. Thank you for giving me your feedback on my blog. The About is a tough thing to say, mine generally stays pretty bare and all that, it doesn’t tend to get too many comments. I think this may be because I’m an anonymous writer so I can’t share too much ‘About’ me with my readers, details, since that, well… then I wouldn’t be anonymous. 😉 The last time I got a comment on the ‘About’ page was like months ago, I must say!

  2. I think sometimes people go to the About page after reading several posts and want to let the blogger know that they liked what they found. Rather than commenting on just one of the posts, they want to express their enjoyment or let the blogger know they are going to follow. When someone visits your blog, it also seems like a good place to say thank you. Like you said, some people are just there for self-promotion. But I think the majority are not. Just my thoughts.

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