Like a Hurdy Gurdy

I was nervous checking in this morning.  I have been an absentee blogger for about a month.  Actually, I’m kind of nervous to check that date as well.  My life has been going around like a hurdy gurdy with some big invisible monkey turning the crank.  I keep bashing my head in to the world trying to make a tune and coming out somewhat tinny.  This is the life of a student, mother, wife, daughter and volunteer I guess.  Add a wicked cold that started the day after school ended and you get the idea.

Within this song has been some very good notes.  I ended my first semester in school with a 4.0 grade average ! Yeah !  The general consensus amongst university classmates is that the marking is a bit easy in this course.  I take umbrage with this.  Late nights, long hours and dedication are what I hope has resulted in this grade.  Maybe for some the workload is easier.  If I had no kids, no outside commitments and no real responsibilities I guess I would find it easy too.  I don’t say this bitterly but with a bit of jealousy.  When I too lived the “good life” and was in school, I didn’t realize how easy I had it.  Oh but I do now.  My tune has changed quite a bit.

My kids are doing fantastic and writing their own music.  My son’s teacher has been a font of assistance and we are heading in to some great developments for Thomas.  The greatest relief is that we now have an agency involved which is going to assist him for the rest of his life if he needs it.  I have the sneaking suspicion that Thomas is going to succeed beyond our wildest expectations, but it’s nice to know that we are not his only safety net.  Something has to come of all this building and creating and imagining !  Walt Disney – feel free to drop in and offer whatever advice you want.

Vanessa is coming out of quite a dark period in school and blossoming at middle school.  I sometimes wondered if she would ever hear the music again.  Such bullying.  Such clique action.  Such negligence by the administration at her old school.  This year brings a wide circle of friends that accepts her and embraces her.  She is in a music club playing the flute (my old instrument of choice with my mom’s flute – how cool is that?), she just got the part of Violet Beauregarde’s mother in her schools’ production of Willy Wonka and she is working hard at her grades for the first time in a while.  So proud of her !

My husband is as always a steady supplier of encouragement and patience.  He has his moments where I’m sure being my Sugar Daddy is stressful but he keeps reminding me of the goal which is probably equally reassuring to him.  We’ve had him home for a week at Christmas and that has been the best present of all.  Time to reconnect.  Time for him to recharge his batteries.  Time to get all those little jobs done that need to be done.  I hate to do it to him but if I don’t grab him now, it will be another six months of pictures leaning against walls, etc.  Normally I’m a do it myselfer but some things just require an acceptance of heights that I don’t have.

After two weeks off, I’m now gearing up to go back to school.  I have another week and a bit to clean the house, organize my binders, build up my stores of snacks for lunches and get my head around the new schedule.  I’m re-working the resume, continuing to work through Photoshop tutorials and preparing myself for the busy semester ahead.  I’m hopeful that this time I can do less head bashing and more whistling to create a tune.

I hope that you all have enjoyed some time with family and friends during this holiday season.  May your new year be filled with all that is possible for you !


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