Being Mindful

Being mindful applies to so many parts of my life right now.  Mindful at home: spend quality time with kids and hubby.  Mindful at school: read assignments and pay attention in class.  Mindful in yoga: use the breath to push through and be present. And last but not least, mindful with food.  I started really thinking about this when one of my school team members noted that wouldn’t people lose a lot of weight with hot yoga with all the sweating and stuff ? I’ve been going to hot yoga since October I think … no noticeable difference yet.  Hmmmm…

So I’ve decided to be mindful about my food.  I’ve noticed I engage in a lot of boredom eating and some emotional eating.  Being present with myself is not as stimulating as you’d think and I am one that needs to be stimulated.  Reading a book is not enough.  I need to read a book, drink a cup of tea, nibble on some dates and pet the dog.  Simultaneously it seems.  I’ve also caught myself eating in spite of my little voice in my little head shouting in a big way: you are not hungry.  What the heck are you doing ?

What the heck indeed.  It has come to my attention that I need to pay attention to this.  My body is not happy which consequently makes the rest of me not happy.  Who wants to go through their life not being happy I ask you ?  The goal for the next month is to really think about what I am eating and when.  Do I really need that late night bowl of cereal or am I just feeling stressed which would be better served by a deep breath and some stretching ?  Do I need to treat myself to a latte or once again is that nasty stress trying to trick my in to some comfort chai ?

Going on from here, I’m hopeful that thrice weekly visits to the mat with profuse sweating and mindfulness in my practice will yield some results.  Not Madonna scary results but a lessening of the unhappy and a increasing of the peace.  One would hope that with less mindless eating comes a less prominent butt …

See you on the mat !

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