Sweet Mother …

Another tale from the mat.

I went back to back with classes this weekend which was a first but certainly not the last time I will try it.  It was strongly suspected that I might find Saturday and Sunday sessions  a bit much but luckily my little voice was proven wrong.  I was just fine and in fact learned so much today about form, function and breathing through challenges that I was inspired to continue.  This instructor supported the practice in whatever it meant to you but also challenged you to go further without feeling pressured to do so.  That works for me.

We tried a new pose yesterday.  Or should I say, I stayed in the modified sumo wrestler squat position while the more experienced yoga-ites hunkered around on their haunches in a most undignified sumo squat circle.  Either way, the pose was neat and stretched yet more muscles I wasn’t aware of.  I will work up to the sumo shuffle I’m sure.

Today it was a lying eagle pose which gave the best iliotibial stretch I’ve had to date.  Then the instructor of whom I spoke so highly of earlier came over and assisted me in stretching even further.  To this particular bit of assistance I exclaimed, in a not so quiet voice, “Sweet mother !” at which point I promptly caught myself and focused on my breathing.  I’m sure the catch was not before I disturbed some people but you can’t just sneak up on a person and bend their butt without expecting some kind of response.

picture this but lying on the ground and bent to one side 🙂

So back to the mat I will go on Tuesday with my new-found form correctly positioning my behind higher in the air but easier on my wrists.  That downward dog can really put a kink in your carpal tunnel if you’re a bit off.  The instructor assured me that with continued time on the mat, focus on breathing and good old-fashioned effort my wrists will continue to get stronger which can only serve to improve things all around.  That works for me too.

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