Nuts to That

I suffer.  I suffer so much.  I suffer … boo hoo…

This is generally the reaction that comes from people when I tell them that I am allergic to nuts and chocolate.  Or at least that’s what they think I must be feeling.   It’s usually the chocolate part that gets the women.  Such looks of pity and horror.  Such moans of despair and I guess to them commiseration.  Maybe they feel that I suffer but I don’t.  I was able to supplant my chocolate addiction with other forms of happiness and until today that included coconut.

I thought I’d be safe with coconut is actually the seed of the fruit of the palm tree.  How’s that for awkward sentencing ? (Warning: having ingested coconut this evening and discovering the allergy issue we are discussing, I am now medicated with two types of anti-histamines.  This could get interesting).  I even went so far as to purchase some lovely coconut popsicles from my local WholeFoods as a little treat.  Maybe the allergy is Gods’ way of keeping me on my diet …

This evening, after initial moans of happiness at this new-found treat to add to my somewhat limited treat repertoire, I start to feel the tell-tale itch.  I keep eating thinking, “No, no – it’s just your imagination.”  Apparently my ability to hallucinate is not limited to periods of over consumption of anti-histamines.  The little safety bureau that is very active in my head was starting to shout, “HEY – YOU THERE! What the sam hell are you trying to do?” but yet I persisted in the indulgence of what I thought was a friendly frozen confection.  So they sent out reinforcements in the form of an itchy rash with pre-hive like inclinations that is marching across my face and scalp as we speak.

And so dear friends it is with great sadness that I announce the removal of yet one more source of nutritional happiness.  Goodbye Hairy Beasts !  Goodby Macaroons!  Goodbye Coconut Cream Pie!  Goodbye fair coconut ! Don’t let the anti-histamine smack you on the way out …

3 thoughts on “Nuts to That

    • Oh I’ve explored the gamut. I love dried fruit too with honey or madjool dates being favorites. But somehow when you need a big, dripping, gooey, bad for you treat dried fruit just doesn’t cut it :). SO – I occasionally indulge in Dulce de Leche and the world starts spinning again.

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