In a Word – Yes

The green-eyed monster is quiet today.  Maybe she wore herself out the other day.  Or maybe I’m just at the tail end of the PMS that usually allows the green-eyed little freak to run rampant.  PMS should be banned.  It should be declared an endangered species.  Quite frankly I’ve done my procreative duty, my husband can no longer contribute to the gene pool and my kids are past wanting a younger sibling.  I say I should have a complimentary removal of the plumbing so that PMS no longer is an issue.   But I digress from my original topic.

The real reason for this post is I got a little unexpected boost in the skill department.  The program I am taking is quite varied.  We take everything from the standard writing classes to career management.  We also take computer classes which encompass Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.  I fell in love.  Head over heels let’s have a baby together in love.  Designing is like problem solving but prettier.  There is nothing pretty about math.  There is nothing pretty about physics.  There is nothing pretty about algebra.  But designing stuff ?  So, so pretty.  I’ve designed a direct mail package for my cake business and it turned out pretty darn good.  I’ve designed the logo I now use professionally.  I’ve designed a fact sheet.  I’ve designed lots of stuff that I’m quite proud of.

I should preface all of this by saying that I actually don’t need a lot of ego stroking or feedback in general.  Good job is usually sufficient although the odd gush is welcome if a cake turned out particularly fine.  I did start thinking however, that it might be beneficial to have a little sit down with the program director and get some feedback about my probability for success in this new career.  Anyone can follow a rubric and get good grades but do I have what it takes to make a go of this ? For $10,000 on my line of credit I sure hope so and for this I do seek some reassurance or direction.  So I brought this up with him today and he agreed that it would beneficial to offer this option to students.  Yeah me !

On the heels of this discussion we had our social media class today which is a continuance of our computer classes from last semester.  Same instructor which is nice.  She can see the progression of our work.  She can provide personalized feedback.  She can handle the variety of neuroses that permeates our Type A driven class.  We have begun a project that involves creating a slide show with integrated still photography, video, music and voice overs.  So I started going through the massive amounts of photographs I have on my laptop.  I’m actually just in the process of transferring my photographs and I believe the count is at over 11,000.  Holy moly…  So for this assignment I began to peruse my photos on Flickr and my instructor meandered over and had a look.  This is where the green-eyed monster got a firm kick in the ass.

My instructor advised that she was really impressed with my photography and that I was talented and had a good eye ! And not a green one I might add.  I was quite chuffed.  She is a professional who has worked at a variety of magazines and other industry jobs so her praise was welcome indeed.  It was just the boost my flagging confidence needed and appreciated all the more with it being unexpected.  She even went so far as to ask whether I had considered going in to design, etc. and which point, in a word, I said yes.  I didn’t go so far as to illustrate my love with the let’s have a baby together analogy that clearly shows how I feel for design but I think she got the gist.  There are those in the class who are terrifically talented in design.  I am blown away by the composition and creativity that I’ve seen produced.  I have a bit to go in some areas but it’s nice to know it could be an option.

That little 20 minute conversation will be enough to keep the green-eyed monster at bay for quite a while.  It has given me the confidence to continue with photography although there isn’t much that could have stopped me.  It also signalled to me that pursuing some realistic feedback on my progress is not necessarily a sign of neediness or insecurity but merely an opportunity for someone else to say yes.  Yes, you are on the right track. Yes, you’ve got some industry weighted talent that will be useful in securing a job.  Yes, it was worthwhile coming to college as a mature student to disrupt your family, kick the crap out of your line of credit and go even more grey.  In a word – yes, my dreams are possible.

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