To Shed – A Verb or A State of Mind

Taken at Hendrie Valley - a little shedder in training.

To shed:

1. To cause to pour forth: shed tears.
2. To diffuse or radiate; send forth or impart: shed light.
3. To repel without allowing penetration: A duck’s feathers shed water.

4. To lose by natural process: a snake shedding its skin.
5. To rid oneself of (something not wanted or needed): shed pounds
Do you notice how the most important item in that definition is the last one ?  Is that to remind you how hard the process is ? Is it to remind you that the catharsis of shedding tears and being emotionally open is more important ? Is it to enlighten you on the weatherability of water fowl ?  I don’t think so.  I think it’s last because it’s the hardest one to achieve and requires the most work.
I’ve been on a weight odyssey for most of my life.  I’m sure most woman will concur that this fascination with our shape and size pervades a permanent portion of our brain.  Be it the times where we are content with the curves or the times where we despair of ever fitting in to the favorite jeans before they go back out of style, it is there.  I try for the most part to be accepting of whatever situation my body is in as I’m too lazy or distracted to do much about it but whine.
What prompts this you ask ? Well another of mother nature‘s little gifts actually other than the stretch marks that have accompanied me on this weight odyssey.  I got to thinking: woman’s bodies shed blood each month  relatively effortlessly.  The odd cramp.  The customary bloat.  The fiendish cravings.  All require little to no effort on our part.  This little esoteric thought process continued on a wonky pattern for a bit as is usual for me.  What is it to shed ?
We shed skin – no effort.  We shed tears – no effort.  We shed (for the sake of this blog anyway) carbon dioxide – no effort.  We shed hair – no effort.  We shed clothes – little effort really except hanging them up or getting them off fast enough to enjoy another gift from mother nature.  We shed things on a daily basis that require no effort so why is it so damn hard to shed weight ?  Why can’t this be as effortless as the hair we find in the drain or the skin we shake out of our sheets ?
My latest attempt on this weight odyssey is shedding sweat.  Copious buckets of sweat on a semi-regular basis.  One would think that bending one’s self in to odd positions, sustaining them for what seems like hours, and feeling the efforts of this activity for days after would qualify as significant enough effort to assist in shedding weight.  Not so my friend, not so.  In light of this revelation, I still plan to shed sweat three times a week regardless of it’s ineffectiveness on my curves.  I miss it when I don’t go. This week was somewhat hampered with mother nature’s visit but today I am free to resume my sweat shedding.  Who wants to test the theory that Tampax REALLY allows you to swim and horseback ride at the same time while looking sunshiny fresh ? Not this daughter of Eve.
I will use my time on the mat to shed a more important thing: stress.  I will work towards shedding this permanent evil as easily as I throw my clothes on the floor in the throes of passion.  I want to feel the stress poring out of my skin in rivers.  I want to watch as I shed years of self-recrimination and criticism.  I want to embrace the possibility that shedding my emotional armour will not cause me to crumble.  And if during this shedding process, some weight happens to slip off, so much the better for me.  As I’m not likely to sprout feathers any time soon, this will have to do.
                            I took this down at Burlington Beach. Isn’t she pretty ?

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