Using Up My “ohm”

I am trying to be a good yoga student – honestly I am.  But my brain is using up my stored ohm faster than I can replenish.  I have recognized this week that I need to do yoga.  NEED.  I have been bummed, lethargic, constipated (TMI I know) and just generally feeling yucky.  Having said that, today I’ve begun a spectacularly sore throat so one might wonder if the lack of Ohm is not completely to blame.

I’ve decided to update my blog and redesign it.  I don’t know about you but I get fed up looking at the same thing over and over.  For those of you kind enough to follow my rantings and attempts at intelligent verbalige, I’d like to give you some eye candy as well.  HOWEVER – this is proving to be an enormously frustrating experience.  One that is driving the ohm right out of my brain.  So – be patient with me please.  If you check in now and again, I’m going to be working out the bugs on a continuous basis.  That or WordPress is going to have to work their magic and give me a refund…


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