Tipping the Scales

This applies to more than justice or gold lately. For me, the scales are being tipped physically and mentally. Not necessarily in my favor I might add. My weight is creeping up despite my half-assed, weak hearted attempts to stem the tide of cellulite creeping across my thighs. My mind is still over-busy and the scale is decidely not tipped in favor of meditation and yoga. What will it take for me to achieve balance ?

This is my pondering for the last few weeks as once again I allow my odd life to distract me from health goals and freedom from pain. Either I feel I deserve to live this way or I am somehow chemically imbalanced towards self-improvement requiring effort. That has been up for debate for many years. If it doesn’t come easy or immediately intrigue me, then I tend to let it go. Having said that: I miss they way I feel when I meditate and do yoga. I miss the calm and the health benefits. Why isn’t missing it enough to tip the scales in my favor ?

Why indeed. Hopefully instead of burying my head in books and magazines about what I need to do, I’ll instead actually do it. Instead of making excuses and needing more research, I’ll just get back to downing my dog and letting my ohm fill up the universe.

With the change in the weather, I will follow Wynonna Judd’s example and let my walking be my meditation. I will get back to calming effects of meandering through my neighborhood although this year, my trusty camera will be along for the ride as well. Part of my ohm is becoming photography. Loving the balance I find in pictures :).

Anyway – ohm on my friends. We will find the balance we seek and continue to try to tip the scales in ways that don’t require a new wardrobe.

2 thoughts on “Tipping the Scales

  1. Good words for today. I can get very wrapped up in beating myself up for not taking care of myself which seems….really… to be a bit of a downward spiral…..so whatever it takes to take of myself – and yourself – sometimes its just a little self-compassion! Saying that – ok! I’m now off to yoga!!! Thanks!

    • Thank you. Doesn’t the beating up part seem counterintuitive to what we are trying to achieve ? I beat myself up most about that – seriously. I’m going to try a different yoga and see if that makes a difference. I think the power yoga is just not my thing though I love the hot. Namaste 🙂

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