Heads Up People

In the last few days I’ve been doing some driving.  Well every day I’m doing driving but since Monday I’ve been doing some extra.  Given the price of gas right now, I might want to rethink my level of driving but that’s another post.  My driving has been pretty good for my vehicular career.  However – others are somewhat challenged in the driving department.  I’m not being critical though those that drive with me might beg to differ.  Heads up people – I’ve got first hand proof of this driving challenged population.  The simple solution to this challenge ? Waiting.

In the last three days I’ve witnessed a rear ender which I narrowly escaped being involved in.  A guy driving so erratically on the QEW that I thought he was drunk. And last but not least the young lady this morning doing her makeup who almost kissed the truck in front of her on the highway with her freshly painted lips.  Heads up people – Darwin’s theory will apply to you sooner than later the way you’re going.  At least the roads would be safer.

The rear ender involved a vehicle that I followed down a main road and watched as the drivers head weaved and bobbed as they were looking for something in the car the whole way.  I’m not sure if there was texting but they were definitely not paying attention.  Needless to say when we came to a stop and they smacked in to the mini-van in front of them, I wasn’t completely surprised.  An elderly gentleman exited the vehicle at which point, texting didnt’ seem plausible but who knows ? Mature thumbers are on the rise.  But heads up people – you are driving a 2 ton vehicle that can do some damage minor those this was.

The other form of weaving and dodging involved the Honda in the slow lane of the highway.  This seems to be the undeclared dedicated texting lane.  People have a false sense of security in this lane and engage in some interesting behavior.  Given that this lane involves people entering and exiting a major highway at high speed – I akin this to a game of chicken.  You are taking a huge chance that the person coming on the highway is paying more attention than you appear to be.  The guy in front of me, behind whom I was trapped by large trucks and rush hour, was all over the road.  He would appear to be exiting only to suddenly swerve back on the highway with a deek in to the middle lane.  Fast, slow, left, right – was he drunk ? Nope.  Heads up he was not.  His head was decidedly down until I honked and gave him the eyes on the road signal.  Didn’t make a damn bit of difference but at least he knew someone was watching.

The last but not least piece of evidence was the young lady making sure her Perfectly Peachy lip gloss was well applied while operating a 2 ton moving pile of metal.  Somehow I think her glove compartment failed to contain the extra pair of undies she probably required after her car came within inches of going under the back of a large truck.  For her, this could have ended with heads off had she not finally put her eyes back on the task at hand.  Heads up people – your lip gloss will get decidedly smeared if you need to get resuscitated.

So the purpose of my cautionary tale ?  Finding a dropped whatever, getting that last text out and perfecting your pout all while driving are stupid and unnecessary actions that can result in death.  Death – heads up people: this is a permanent situation.  If something has dropped – wait to pick it up.  If someone texts you – wait to respond.  If you can’t apply your makeup before leaving the house – wait as no one on the highway is looking anyway.  Keeping your head up is such a simple solution.  Waiting costs you nothing as valuable as your life should be to you.  And even if your life is not valuable to you, mine is valuable to me and the people that love me.

Heads up people: life is beautiful. Don’t wait to find your sorry butt getting scraped up off someone’s hood because you couldn’t wait.

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