The Oddness of Comforting

With the warmer weather coming, one of my go-to’s for comfort will soon be silenced.  It does it’s job all winter without nary a thought as to how it brightens my day.  The low rumbling hum that acts like a big hug from my house.  The soothing warmth that makes its way out of the floor or ceiling.  That waft of  power that drifts through the duct work as it sparks to life.  You may not give it much thought, and I’m sure most don’t, but I do.  My odd little comfort ? My furnace.

It’s not one of those creepy dress it up, take it out and pretend it’s real kind of relationships.  I haven’t named it and we don’t celebrate an anniversary or anything.  Though I will confess that I do remember approximately when it came to live with me only because the condemnation of its predecessor was such a stressful thing.  It’s just one of those inanimate appreciation things. Honestly, no cards have been exchanged and the only intimate thing we do is when I get busy with the air filter.  Really not the most romantic thing to do on a date.

So I ask you this: what kind of weird thing gives you comfort ? It could be like my friend the furnace.  It could be like my friend the dishwasher whom I find quite soothing to have running as I drift off to sleep.  I think it’s more the thought of something doing the work for me as I sleep but I don’t over think that one.  In this crazy world, of stress and priorities and running around what gives you that moment of ahhhhh ?



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