Whuh ? Said the Minion

So let me get this straight.  It’s not April last year when I was applying to school.  It’s not April last year when I was working full time.  It’s not April last year when I was getting my portfolio ready.  It’s the April after applying to school, getting accepted, working my butt off for an A average (figuratively obviously as my butt still needs work), getting a placement and only having two days left before I’m done? Is that what you are telling me ? To that I quote the ever quotable Despicable Me when I say “Whuh ?”

It is just mind blowing to think that I’ve done it.  I’ve actually done it.  I had a watershed moment last week while walking across the parking lot.  Short of a nuclear disaster, I cannot fail.  I’ve managed straight A’s through the program and I could blow everything for the next week and still pass.  Holy crap ! Isn’t that a kick ?  I will have a certificate from the Post Graduate course in Corporate Communications at Sheridan College.  Dang that sounds schmancy !  I’ll hang that right beside the award our team won Thursday night from the CPRS (Canadian Public Relations Society).  Did I mention I get to end my year of education as being one of the recipients of the Pinnacle Award of Merit for Student Projects in Media Relations ?  Yeah – I said it.  Award winner baby !  Our team knocked it out and I couldn’t be prouder.

I had another watershed moment today.  I’ve wondered if my kids have actually been paying attention to what I’ve been doing other than when I yell at them to “Let Mommy do her homework !” or when I respond to the ever present statement, “Jeez Mom you look tired” with a sleepy nod of the head and a shout out wave.   Today my daughter was talking about a friend of hers who wants to be a teacher.  This friend said to my daughter, “Oh I can’t wait to go to university and party in residence.”  My daughter took the opportunity to illuminate her friend as to the workload I’ve had this year.  MY DAUGHTER TOOK THE TIME TO ILLUMINATE HER FRIEND ON MY WORKLOAD! Wow.  She then proceeded to tell me that her friend is not that bright and she didn’t feel she’d be able to handle the workload anway …

My daughter also made another statement today that is just sinking in: Maybe I’ll take Corporate Communications when I go to school.   Another Wow.  Big Wow.  Holy Wow.  Now my daughter is a born teacher and we’ve been planning her education based on that.  Her decision.  Her abilities.  Her desire.  I would be phenomenally proud if she became a teacher as I’ve always wanted to be one and come from a long line on both sides of teachers.  In fact two of my dad’s brothers were teachers and all three of my mother’s sisters were / are teachers.  My mother herself was a nursery school teacher.  I was a teacher. We are a teachy kind of family.  The point being: my daughter has been paying attention.  My daughter has been getting a bird’s eye view of what post secondary education is going to require.  My daughter is entertaining the thought of following in my footsteps.  Wow.  Just beyond wow.

I am only allowed two tickets to my graduation in June.  My mom has seen me graduate highschool and she saw me graduate from Sheridan in 1996.  My husband was there for the ’96 version as well.  My kids are to be my guests at graduation this time.  I’m hopeful to get the two extra wish tickets so my mom and husband can be there too but they both understand that I need my kids to see this.  I need them to watch me walk across the stage.  If only to illuminate for them that nothing is out of their reach.  Nothing should prevent them from doing whatever they want to do.  Not age, not fear, not other people: nothing.  I have done it so they can’t use any excuses on me.

I am a soon to be graduate of the Post Grad Corporate Communications program at Sheridan College – whuh ?

2 thoughts on “Whuh ? Said the Minion

  1. Brilliant! Truly awesome year this has been for you. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your accomplishment(s)!!!! 😊

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