And So It Begins …

It is unbelieveably hard to imagine not going to school on Monday.  I am just beginning to process the finality of yesterday.  Final presentation – which was awesome.  Final class – with an awesome instructor (Thursdays should be changed to Elaineday ).  Final marks – both perfect.  Final goodbyes to classmates who are going off on their own adventures.  While it is a lot of endings, so much is beginning.

I imagine that all of those in the PCCOM class of 2012 are processing the years’ events in their own way.  For me ? It’s a bit emotional today.  While I don’t tend to miss people all that much (nothing personal), I am going to miss the creative, driven, funny people I’ve spent the last year with.  Most especially my team mates who epitomize the type of people the PR industry will be lucky to have working in it.

The roller coast of emotions includes relief that the all encompassing deadlines and learning curve is finally over.  At least as intense as it was for me.  Balancing family, volunteer obligations, school and personal time was draining.  I slept like a log last night after making my final to do list.  Still some running around finishing up with clients, etc. but this will be interspersed with lunches with friends and some photo-therapy.

I awoke this morning to my radio blasting out Freddie Mercury and Queen in all their theatrical glory.  “We are the Champions” seems a fitting way to be pulled from the first dreamless, solid, un-restless sleep I’ve had in months.  Our team was awarded a rare perfect grade from a tough but fair instructor and earned another perfect grade from a creative and constructive instructor (and through the mad skills of a CSS code friendly team mate).  Adding that to our recent Award of Merit just seems like the icing on the cake.

Next week I meet with my placement coordinator and begin my first practical application of the skills I’ve been learning this year.  I’m beyond excited and a bit terrified.  No longer cocooned in the safety of Sheridan’s hallowed halls, I must prove my merit amongst those who will influence my way in the PR industry.  My husband is the one I hope the most to not disappoint.  His dreams of my becoming his Sugar Momma and supporting his golf habit are riding on my future success to spin a good message.

So while this time will be bittersweet with the missing of classmates, the adjustment of schedule and the foray back in to the working world, many beginnings are also in my future.  Beginning to live the creative life I’ve been lacking.  Beginning to use my talents and abilities to be successful in a job.  Beginning to truly balance life and work.  Beginning to support my family in a way that will lead to new things for all of us.  Now those are things I no longer have to imagine.

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