Coming Up Daisies

So I’m kicking it old school tonight and writing this post with the ancient form of pen and paper first.  Sometimes I need to connect to the page without having a cable attached or something glowing.  Of course by the time you read this it will have undergone a super fantasmical, presto-changeo, electrifying transformation courtesy of the WWW.  And that is the thought for this evening: Transformation.  The great Miss W. is at it again with her thought provoking Lifeclass.  The husband even watched this one though I suspect it was more to see the ageing beauties being profiled than an actual interest in the wisdom of the OWN network.

The inspiration this time comes in the form of: is how we see ourselves more important than the effort put in to the insides ?  Is pursuing the latest injectable facial or penile product really more important that the pursuit of inner strength ? Or is it how we choose to transform our lives in a positive and meaningful manner the most important pursuit of all ?  To this I give a resounding yes and I’ll throw in a Hallelujah for good measure.

I am not overly blessed in the looks department.  I am cute most of the time.  Have been referred to as pretty more than once and have even garnered the occasional beautiful.  Is People Magazine going to come knocking on my door to have me on their beautiful people list for 2013 ? I’m not going to sit at home waiting with bated breath  that’s for sure.  And for the most part, those that are on the list now won’t even be considered 10 years from now either.  Beauty, my friends, fades and for some the transformation is too much to bear.

What I do have is personality.  I’ve been called quirky, unique, strong and odd.  I’ve also been labelled a bitch (I prefer assertive), the Ice Queen (I prefer reserved) and intimidating (I just like that one).  The Terminator has been offered up as a nickname now and again.  My overall favorites have been weird, loyal, honest, opinionated, loving, creative and fierce.  I don’t People has created a list for the 25 most beautiful personalities but I’ll be waiting with normal breath once again.  Blue is not a good color for me anyway …

Tonight, Miss W was teaching us about ageing.  This is something I am excellent at ! Phenomenally good at I might add.  I’ve been doing it for almost 42 years so I’ve had lots of practice.  That’s right baby – 42 this year and it’s all mine.  I’m a mere girl to someone of 95 and close to dead for someone who is 18.  My philosophy is as long as I watering the daisies from above and not feeding them from below, all is good.  Ageing is about perspective after all.

The beauty of ageing is somewhat mystifying for me.  I don’t understand what is wrong with wrinkles.  It means I’ve laughed, cried, had joy, had sorrow and squinted in to the sun on a sunny day at the beach.  What is wrong with gray hair ? It means I’ve lived long enough to have adventures and am here to tell the tales.  What is wrong with a bit of a pudge (a bit mind you, let’s not go crazy) ? It means I’m successful enough in this life to eat well and wise enough not to go to excess.  In fact, a bit of pudge could be an indicator of life intelligence if you will.

Since this post could go on for a very long time, I’ll end here with this question: what is ageing to you ? Do you fear it ? Do you fight it ? or do you accept that the alternative, the final transformation, is something that will come anyway and to be HAPPY while waiting ?  I prefer to be happy.  Stupid happy.  Lick the caramel off the apple and ditch the apple happy.  Wear fleece and crocs with diamonds happy.  And I’m going to look as cute as possible while I wait to feed the daisies.


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