Oh THERE You Are !

I’ve been sidetracked for the past few weeks.  Between school ending, internship starting and my latest obsession with photography, my brain has not been on the right plane to write.  Ideas flitting in and out.  Late night aha moments of “what a good post that would be”.  Contemplation of thoughts and connections.  All of this comes to naught when my time at the computer is sucked up making resumes, portfolios and editing in Lightroom.  I just finished a post and nearly shed a tear.  Oh I’ve missed you my blog !

I am grateful to be so distracted, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve completed my education with straight A’s.  Well, to be honest: all A+’s except for two :).  My photography is going very well and I’m generating some interest.  My internship is opening up new connections and is confirming that I have the skills to be successful in some job description or another within the communications industry.  In fact I applied for my first job yesterday !  I have the skills, the background, the location and the interest.  Keeping parts of my A+ anatomy crossed for that one.

Anyway – the point being that I MISSED writing.  I let it fall to the wayside as my yoga has also done.  I abandoned it for the flashy lure of lucre and light.  But no more I say to you, no more.  I must resist the tempting scene outside my window.  I must balance my time for my internship.  I must not needlessly obsess about every detail of my resume.  Ok – that last one I’m just going to have to ignore because I need a job and all but maybe tweaking for hours could be cut back ?

I think I’m back on track.  I feel good things are coming around the corner even as the furnace repairman toils in my basement and the chill creeps in to my socks.  My future is filled with lucre and light.  I can see it clearly – Oh THERE you are ! And I’ll be sure to keep you updated regularly.

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