Jump !!!

I’m finally jumping back in to the application pool after my sequestered year at Sheridan.  Freed from the protection of my college’s hallowed halls I must now brave the world of scrutiny, rejection and a bit of self-esteem bashing.  It is time to put my work experience and my schooling on the line, tie myself off and jump !

This somewhat daunting experience is made easier by the knowledge that I do my research.  I research the companies that I am applying to.  I research the industry that the company works in.  I research corporate social responsibility reports, backgrounders, internet resources, and just cruise Google’s random results.  Surprising things pop up when you Google a company and not necessarily that which they proudly post on their website.  Sort of a skeleton in the closet thing if you will.

My preparation in my job searching endeavors is what makes the jump worthwhile.  I don’t apply to jobs that I know won’t fit.  It’s not worthy of my time and it’s not worth the company’s time.  We all know in this day and age how important time is and what a precious commodity we trade in.  It’s almost a matter of respect: for myself and the person who is going to give up their precious time to meet with me.

With some time behind me to get my house back in order, tidy up the LinkedIn profile and get my resume looking spick and spandy I look forward to jumping once again.  It might be up and down in frustration.  It might be in a hallelujah moment when I get a call for an interview.  It might be back on to the beach if the sharks have taken too many bites.  But if I don’t jump in, how will I ever know ?

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