Catering to my Crazy

When my husband asked me to marry him, I didn’t have that hand flapping, tear streaming, heart racing moment.  My response to his romantic gesture which include nesting boxes and Christmas Day ? Ok.  Simple, to the point (which we know is hard for me to reach sometimes) and in the affirmative.  Ok.  Wow.  He must have thought he’d just won the lottery with that little nugget of understatement.  In retrospect the event probably overwhelmed me and I will confess that once reality sunk in, I called my girlfriends giggling like the typical new fiance does.  Little did he know what kind of crazy he was roping himself in to.  Or maybe he did …

This weekend we celebrated Queen Victoria’s birthday.  I find this woman fascinating and have watched endless interpretations of her life on the screen and read a few books about her.  To rule England for more than 63 years and, quite successfully I might add, is accomplishment enough.  To give birth to 9 children and have a hand in raising them is unbelievable.  To do most of this without the love of her life Albert beside her is unimaginable.  Imagine the crazy he signed on for.  To be forever in the shadow of your wife, living in the public eye such as it was then and to have 9 kids ? The man should have been sainted.

Now Albert made his own mark in history by being instrumental in the streamlining of the Royal household, bringing us Christmas trees and acting as the Queen’s partner in every way.  This is where my husband comes in.  Michael was the only person on the planet to keep me sane the night before our wedding.  Spend the night somewhere else because of custom and superstition ? We were not amused.  My Michael was right beside me where he should have been.  This set the stage well for his ability to deal with my crazy.

To clarify: I don’t mean crazy in a disrespectful way at all.  I embrace crazy.  I think crazy people make the world more interesting as long as they aren’t hurting anyone.  Hitler, for example, would not be deserving of the title of crazy.  Me – a little bit crazy.  I am passionate, enthusiastic, verbose, free willed, opinionated, slightly anxiety prone and creative.  I’m not about to cut off my ear but I can get wrapped up in the details of a project if I find it engrossing.  I prefer and strive to give my best to things which adds to the crazy.

What prompts this Victorian based analogy you ask ? My husband hangs banners in downtown Toronto – all over the city.  He does this starting at 430am as a part-time job.  Doing this part-time job all over the city gives him a unique perspective of society.  He sees the city in different lights which shines on sights most of us miss.  Knowing my growing enthusiasm for photography and my affinity for true architecture, he made a proposal.  Why don’t we leave the kids sleeping (both teenagers) and head to Toronto at 5am ?  It saddens me to report that my crazy is rubbing off on my dear Michael …

This offer intrigued me and so I pondered it as I am wont to do when faced with an early morning wake up call.  I am an early bird by nature but not even the damn birds are up at that hour.  Once done with the pondering part of the process, I agreed and yesterday we set off at 615am just as the sun was singing its song through the clouds.  The colors were just wondrous and though not the first sunrise I’ve ever seen a sunrise, it was made all the more special by sharing it with my husband on this crazy adventure.  Three hours later we returned home after tramping through streets even he hadn’t seen and amassing some great pictures for my portfolio.

Though I am only Queen of my small domain, I would not be able to manage nearly as well without the love of my life.  He streamline’s my crazy when it’s getting out of control.  He chops down the Christmas tree or pulls it out of the box as need be.  He is the most amazing father to our two children though he would manage nine far better than I would.  He is my prince in every way.  The fact that he admires my crazy and even supports it on most occasions ? Well – we are truly amused by that.  It seems he knew what he was getting in to all along.


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