Is It a Want or a Need ?

My cake business is lots of fun as long as I am not getting paid.  Odd right ? A business where you don’t like to get paid ?  Here’s the thing: people don’t like to pay for cake.  Or at least they don’t like to pay what it’s actually worth. I in no way mean this as an insult because if you’ve never made a cake then how do you know what goes in to it.  It is a want not a need and this makes it difficult to assess the value of a cake and justify the price.  Add to that the fact that cake is a fleeting purchase and you’ll see where I’m heading.  It’s no fun making a cake all the while knowing that despite the oohs and ahhs, you are not making money on the last three days you spent getting icing sugar all over your kitchen.  And there is the question my friends: is the mess worth it ?

Well I’m about to ask myself that again as I potentially look at selling my photos.  Art seems to be a more worthwhile investment for people than confection.  I would be comfortable classifying a lot of my pictures as art.  Unique views of the world if you will and a lot less washing up.  But once again we are back at the value question.  Art for some is like air: a necessity.  Those lovely folks whom I thank to high heaven that have this affliction are the same folks that stock our art galleries and museums.  Hallelujah – bring on Picasso ! No – I’m not comparing myself to Picasso.  I’ve not drunk that much absinthe in the pursuit of art quite yet. But thanks to lovely art collectors who cherish views of the world, the Art Gallery of Ontario is featuring Picasso this month.  What if they had viewed his work as a want not a need ? Where would we be then ?

MCV Photography has become my de facto “company” name until I make it official.  It kind of rolls off the tongue don’t you think ?  There is an MCV Photo in New York but I doubt I’ll be photographing models any time soon so I’m not too worried.  So far I’m a landscape, macro, architecture kind of girl.  I’m sure no model wants me taking a wide-angle shot of the tiny pimple I find just above her thong.

While my photos may not become a need for somebody else, it is definitely a need for me.  Right now I want to take photos as often as possible but I need to start earning some money.  So in between my job search, I’m going to take my portfolio of photos and see if I can turn them in to a need for other people.  Hopefully the assessing and justifying will be easier on me this time.

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