What Is My Point ?

Getting to the point can be a struggle for some people.  For those of us suffering from ADOS, it can be absolutely painful.  What is ADOS you ask ? A recent diagnosis imparted upon me by a friend.  Are you ready to hear what this ground breaking diagnosis is ? Well let me tell you.  Oh first – did you hear that Robin Gibb died ? So sad.  I had a Bee Gees song playing at my wedding – How Deep Is Your Love. It was so pretty.  It really brought the point home of love and committment. Oh yes my point … I’m sure you can guess what ADOS stands for: Attention Deficit Oh Shiny !  This seems to apply to my blog as well which can be confusing for those outside the immediate circle of my inner chatter.

Trying to pick a point for a blog when you a multitudinous amount of interests and things to write about is challenging.  Do you pick one topic and stick to it no matter what ? Do you have six different blogs that address each interest and reach a specific audience ? Or do you meander along like I do offering insights and tidbits about the flotsam and jetsom of your life ?  I can regale you with tales of cake decorating triumphs and disasters.  I can discuss books at length about such various topics as bee keeping and anthropomorphism.  I can wax poetic about the beauty of the photographs I took this weekend though the technical lingo is still beyond me.  And of course there is the fall back opinion piece where something has got you thinking and you want to know if anyone else is thinking the same thing.

It has been suggested that perhaps my blog could do with some fine tuning.  Perhaps I could pick a specific direction and just stick to that.  It would make me more searchable, get more attention, etc.  But then what would I leave out ?  My brain is a whirl with ideas and thoughts and epiphanies.  Some are worth sharing and some deserve to only see pen and paper where they can later be burned.

So my point is this topic is worthy of discussion.  It also contains some of my favorite things: organizing, designing and editing.  Yeah ! Maybe this project will be fun after all.  Like this one time at Band Camp ? or for me Guide camp ‘cuz I’ve never been to Band Camp haha but this one time at Guide Camp I had sooo much fun when we made cake in a box ! Isn’t that like so cool ?  And we put coals in the box and the cake cooked and we all like ate it at the picnic tables ! Aren’t you glad you are only privy to my outside voice ? Imagine all the noise and color on the inside 🙂

My last point will be that it seems my form of creativity is chaos within structure.  Perhaps, for me, having a blog that encompasses all sorts of interests is what drew me to writing in the first place.  It provides an opportunity to delve in to the intellectual and remember the silly side.  It gives me a chance to connect with a wide variety of people that may or may not share my view but enjoy having a look.  Perhaps we all have a bit of ADOS in us and thank goodness for that.  I’d hate to imagine a world where the shiny was kept under wraps because getting to the point would be no fun at all.

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