Flossing My Mental

Dental hygiene is something that we must all pay attention to.  Never mind the unsightly plaque build up and coffee stains, the breath alone can knock a buzzard off a poop wagon if we neglect our pearly whites and pinks.  Since this is an obvious visual representation of our dental health, we pay attention.  Our smile says a lot about us and what we don’t want it to say is ewwwwwwww.  Not a good first impression.  But what about our minds ? How often do we floss out the junk that lies hidden causing anxiety and doubt ?  What do we allow to build up to our detriment ?

Like most people, my brain is a jumble with a to do list that would make any self-respecting life coach turn tail and run.  It’s like hoarders with no option to get a storage unit except the lists that perpetuate my house.  I even have multiple magnetic note pads attached to the fridge JUST IN CASE … I hear being a contingent planner is a highly valued skill and if that’s the case I am in for big money.

I plan for everything.  It may not seem like it to some but I plan constantly.  A simple outing requires forethought for the best route, timeline, possible photo opportunities, shopping bags and where on this travel is the nearest Starbucks and/or Chapters ?  This type of planning has saved my hiney more than a few times and the hiney’s of those around me but it takes up a lot of room in my already beleaguered brain.  It’s like carrying around a personal General MacArthur – a brilliant strategist but not someone you want taking up residence.

As I took care of my teeth, these types of thoughts roamed haplessly about my brain.  Would that I could take a long, strong length of mint flavored string and floss out the jetsom in my grey matter.  Effortlessly the bits of regret, self doubt and recrimination would float down the drain as I fished that iron horse of the dental world in and out of my crinkles.  No more bits of fear holding me back from my dreams.  No more chunks of annoying jealousy stuck like that piece of popcorn kernel you just can’t seem to get at.  Nothing to hold me in the past and out of my future.

So my proposal to some research oriented super genius with money to burn and time to spare is this:  Why not come up with some type of gadget, maybe like a BrainRoomba, that can be injected up to three times a year which will go through and suck up all the useless garbage floating around in our cranium ?  Imagine the light feeling when those petty feelings, that do far more harm to the thinker than the target, are sucked away ?  How creativity and productivity will increase once you stop perseverating on that one little detail in the project that didn’t go quite right ?  This could eventually be covered by health plans ! Think of the benefits to our industrial nation !

I for one feel better knowing that I’m not going to have to actually do the work of therapy or exercises in introspection to create peace in my soul.  The freedom from having to take responsibility for my mental health and actually put myself first once in a while is just awe-inspiring.  To just let some little robot toodle around in my brain randomly choosing what I will think about and how I will feel …  You know what ? A busy brain is a happy brain (or so I tell myself) so maybe I’ll just focus on my smile.

Princess Ivy

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