Scheduling Creativity

I know as a blogger you are supposed to commit to posting frequently and preferably on a regular basis so that people know when to expect to read your pearls of wisdom. What I fail to see is how one schedules creativity ? I’ve read countless books regarding the writing process and I know the fundamentals from the professionals:

  • Sit down at the screen at the same time every day even if it’s just to write two lines.
  • Try to pursue creativity at every opportunity for inspiration.
  • Write, write and write again even if it’s something no one will ever see.
  • Trust the creative process and give yourself the opportunity to capture thoughts and feelings.

Blah, blah, yackety, schmackety. What happens when inspiration just doesn’t strike and you’re off reading instead ? Since when does being creative fall in to a schedule ? I guess when you are getting paid for it as I hope to do. Then there is impetus to let genius burn as Jo March was driven to do. Perhaps scheduling the chance to shed light on creativity has it’s merits.

The reason for my pontificating is that I go in spurts. I get ideas tumbling out at 11pm and I strive to at least get a few sentences down in the hopes that brilliance will strike again when I schedule time to finish my thoughts. This can prove beneficial as writing when I’m tired is akin to drunk dialing an ex. It never goes well and I usually say something I’ll regret. We’ve all had those “doh” moments but I try to keep mine to a minimum with delay tactics. It is odd, however, that when given a specific thing to write about I can make it happen. Perhaps it is free-associative personal storytelling that is schedule-phobic.

My other reason for this diatribe is the trouble I ran in to last night. During that just getting tired time, where my brain decides it’s a good time to write, I decided to try out a feature on my blog by adding a gallery of photos to a post. In this drunk-dialingesque state, I inadvertently erased the post. Gone. Dissolved. Removed. The only vestiges I found were from the blurb that goes up on Facebook. The frustrating thing is that I had a really good rhythm going and it flowed so well. Like that relationship gone wrong, trying to recreate the post proved somewhat successful but I know it wasn’t as good as the first time. I scrambled to write down the basics of the post while it was fresh but as all writers know it’s the gems that you come up with during the process that escape you forever.

So maybe all those professionals who already make their living at writing have a point. Scheduling time to write might not capture those fleeting moments of inspiration but it will certainly be more successfully than dragging a pad of paper to bed and trying to decipher the chicken scratch the next morning. Just like the ex became an ex for a reason, drunk dialing aside, perhaps it’s time for a change. Perhaps it’s time to try scheduling some creativity and avoid those late night moments of “doh”. Professionally speaking of course.

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