But Once They Didn’t

I don’t know about you but it’s been a long time since I’ve not known what I’m doing. I don’t mean all the time. I don’t mean I don’t know ANYTHING. But I’m usually the one in the know not the one trying to know. In search of the know I’ve been accessing numerous resources such as HOW Design magazine and the Communication World magazine courtesy of the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators). Within these pages are countless articles from professionals who are successful in a variety of positions and industries involving communication, media and design. But once upon a time they weren’t. Once upon a time they were just like me. They might now know what I need to learn, but once they didn’t.

That is such a freeing thought. It ranks up there with the moment at the end of school when I realized that no matter what I did for the last week, I was going to pass. There was no way I was going to jeopardize my 4.0 but short of streaking through the Learning Commons I was golden. While in the position of not being in the know, I’ve been getting way to far up in to my head. For those of you acquainted with that space, I am able to link seemingly unrelated topics in to viable connections. The problem is that I am looking all the time for those connections. My brain is sort of like a frenetic Connect 4 game except what drops out at the end are ideas. However, if I get too busy up there I start to worry. Not being in the know doesn’t help.

Yesterday, I started working with my first client (read friend who I’m helping with his business and he’s letting me get more experience). In the space of two hours, here’s what I came up with:

  1. Redefining his brand statement to better connect with his patients.
  2. Redesigning his current patient information form and the process of its use for better patient compliance and gathering of information for treatment.
  3. Introduction of social media, its importance in connecting with patients, providing information, etc.
  4. Constructive plan for mandatory continuing education courses consistent with personal and professional development.
  5. Importance of professional affiliations with voluntary associations.
  6. Marketing package: take-aways for patients, to share at networking events, etc.

This guy is a caring, committed professional who has treated me and whom I would recommend to anyone. He has excellent patient relation skills, is highly in tuned with his educational goals, has patience with moaners like me and is committed to providing the best care for his patients pain free future. How easy is it to get behind that and use what I do know to help him out ? How cool is being able to do that ? I might not be as far out of the know as I thought.

Why do I share this ? Because I’ve been hiding from going on job interviews. I’ve been hiding behind getting my resume ready, gathering resources, etc. I’ve been hiding from the people “in the know”. Afraid to face them with my spanky new college certificate, work experience and ability to see connections like a communicating rain woman. The realization that they’ve had to go through the same process has leveled the playing field a bit for me. Meeting these people in the know is another chance for me to learn and grow. It is a chance to realize that I am not so very far from where they now sit. I am closer to winning the game of being in the know.

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