Yes, Dear

Once again while falling asleep last night, I came up with the PERFECT topic and opening for a post.  Great entry line, easy topic to discuss and widely applicable.  The next thing I see ? The inside of my eyelids.  Not conducive to writing nor remembering I must tell you.  What I can remember is it had something to do with my husband and my new bike.  In this case Yes, Dear is entirely appropriate.

My husband is very athletic.  He was a competitive bodybuilder for a few years and has been training since he was 15.  Lucky me !!! He was actually atypical for my type of guy but sometimes going with what you don’t know is a good thing.  Underneath all the burly muscle and fantastic set of glutes beats the heart of a gentle giant.  He tried to convent how much he loved me via the song “Pride and Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughn and advised that he would take a bullet for me.  Not the most romantic prose but I got the gist.

I am the antithesis of athletic.  My version of exercise is lifting my hot mug of tea during rapid page turning and periodic stretching to get feeling back in to my legs.  Not the vigorous exercise required to maintain the hot Elle MacPherson body I’d love to rock.  I do love hiking and walking.   I will occasionally dip my toe in for a swim but other than that, not a huge fan of the sweat.  However, in an attempt to set a better example for my kids I agreed to something.  Something that is far more exciting for my husband than me.  Yesterday I got a new bike.

Now biking is one of those exercises that is fraught with danger and discomfort.  You are either battling a decrepit bike path that seems to have been imprinted with elephant feet or some driver with a beef against two wheels tries to take you off the road.  Then there is that blasted wind.  No matter what I do, I always seem to be riding in to wind !  Of course that could also be the natural flow of air around the bike but I perceive it as a pernicious wind that only blows when I try to enjoy some bike time.

The other thing about biking ? The dreaded butt callus.  I do not have a butt callus.  SO the two bike rides I took yesterday in order to make my dear husband happy have resulted in a dreadfully sore butt.  Legs are good.  Arms are fine.  Butt is not happy.  But in pursuit of happiness with my lovely husband, I will say yes dear and develop a butt callus.  He even gave up his gel cushion during our hour-long excursion last night.  Now that’s a gentleman.

One of the main reasons I’ve said yes to my dear is that he wants to do this with me.  How he explains it is riding a bike is not a lot of fun on your own.  He goes off sometimes on these rather long rides and has adventures.  What I didn’t realize is that he doesn’t enjoy doing that on his own and wants company.  My company in particular.  Don’t get me wrong – he loves our kids but they whine worse than I do.  That sort of kills the fun factor.

So for Father’s Day, I am taking it for the team and if the rain holds off, I am giving my dear the present he asked for: a bike ride with his family.  How can one refuse so simple a request ?  This man who has put me through school, supported me in many endeavors, works like a dog AND wants to spend time with me just wants a bike ride for Father’s Day.  What else can I say but Yes, dear …

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