Gotta Feelin’

Have you ever just wandered around confident that the world is going to continue spinning without your getting whipped off in to space ? Or do you huddle inside protesting the plausibility of gravity ?  Today is one of those days where I know the world is keeping a tight grip on me.  I know things are going to turn out fine.  I know this because I refuse to huddle inside anymore.  The reason people huddle ? Fear.  The reason I’m enjoying sunshine ? I’m no longer afraid.

I’ve been a bit afraid these past few weeks.  Not so much of gravity suddenly failing but of the possibility of my failing.  I’m not so good at the failing thing.  Not at all.  When I put my mind to something, it’s pretty damn near impossible to get me to quit.  We could also use the word stubborn to describe this particular character trait but let’s not get too harsh.  I’ve been afraid of failing at finding a job.  The funny thing is, my current lack of success has only driven me harder to succeed.  Gravity be damned – I feel like flying !

Now I’m calling on all services, connections, and friends to help me in my job search.  My cold calling will start this week.  I’m seeing an employment counsellor at The Centre tomorrow.  I’ve joined two more job search sites and uploaded my resume to five more companies I’m interested in just today.  Gravity might be working to keep me down but my spirits are up !  Feisty might even be an appropriate adjective to use here.

On top of that, my photography business is starting to work out as well.  I’ve got two jobs booked for the end of the month – paying even.  I took my portfolio in today to a camera store and given my lack of formal education, the associate I spoke to was just amazed.  That was such a boost !  He said my natural creativity and artistic eye were terrific.  Now that I’m more familiar with some of the features of my camera, I’m hoping to expand the photography thing even more.  Huddle ? Not me.

So look out world: I huddle no longer.  That sage piece of advice which goes something like worse than failing is not trying at all, is my new mantra.  I cannot sit and wait any longer for the perfect job to find me.  I will knock on doors, email, blog and research my hardest to avoid that failing thing.  Newton probably had a few false starts before that apple conked him on the head and look how things turned out for him ?  I’m sure he was sitting under that tree to get some shade.  Me ? I’m going to walk in the sun.

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