For The Love of a Good Boob

I had the privilege of being invited to attend a Cook for the Cure PinkNic in Toronto last night.  My good friend Norine found this event, and as a fellow foodie, thought I would like to go.  So glad that I did !  Norine was, of course, the biggest draw of the evening but I can’t help but wax poetic about meeting Lynn Crawford.  Without Norine this wouldn’t have happened.  Even for the love of a good boob, I wouldn’t have thought about going.  And I definitely wouldn’t have had the courage to meet Lynn Crawford.  Ballsy I may be, but brave, not so much.

Let’s distinguish – there are not too many challenges I won’t take on.  Be it a new recipe, new color of hair, going back to school at 40-something, going to a place I’ve never visited or a PinkNic in downtown Toronto at an undisclosed location – I’m in.  I fully embrace what life can hands me as long as it doesn’t involve a parachute or standing up somewhere high with nothing to hold on to.  That scares the crap out of me and quite frankly what the hell is the point ? The clouds are perfectly lovely from down here on terra firma thanks.

But meeting people, especially celebrity people, intimidates the hell out of me.  What if they are bothered ? What if they view me as an annoyance ? What if they smell and ruin the illusion of perfection or at least appearing moderately cool ?  Why crush that fantasy if I don’t need to ?  My friend Norine ? She’s brave and she saw last night that I REALLY wanted to meet Lynn Crawford so off she went with me trailing behind like a complete geek.  I GOT TO MEET LYNN CRAWFORD !!! How cool is that ?  AND – I got a picture with her:


Now I’m not so geeky that I stalk people or have fan pictures on my walls.  I’m not some crazy foodie that believes Lynn’s philosophies or recipes are the be all and end all.  What I do admire is her committment to locavore cooking and her no-bullshit personality. The fact that she appears to be somebody I could sit down and share a decent conversation with is a plus.  I’m sorely tempted to invite her for a backyard BBQ or campfire but I think our new-found friendship might be too new for that.  I think friendship is a huge stretch as well but let’s suspend reality for a moment shall we and embrace our inner geek ?

For the love of a good boob, 400 people, Kitchenaid and a local celebrity came together last night to celebrate brave women who have fought and won, those who lost the fight and those who don’t want to ever enter the battle.  I lost my grandmother-in-law to the disease 7 years ago.  Until then, breast cancer had never touched my family.  We’ve got other cancers, heart disease and addiction issues but our boobs are solid.

This PinkNic brought very close to home how many of us are touched by this insidious disease.  How something that is supposed to provide nourishment for our babies, allow the husband to cop a good feel and fill out our clothes with womanly pride can kill us.  This will not be the last PinkNic I attend.  In fact, Norine and I are already planning an event to bring all our lovely friends with boobs together.  Maybe I’ll take my new friend Lynn up on her offer to attend such an event.  We’ll wow her with Armpit Fudge, Hairy Beasts and Sausage in a Potato and be  Guiders to the end.  Or like last night, we’ll embrace the foodie within us and sup on tomato, bocconcini, salami and basil salad, dolmades, countless other goodies and end with local strawberries with fresh made lemon curd and crumbled vanilla wafers.  I’m sure I can make a boob cake that will dazzle.  With all that on the menu, who wouldn’t want to get together for the love of a good boob ?



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