Oh Mylanta

So it’s not bad enough I just spent a frenetic year of cramming stuff in to my brain while other stuff fell out, now I’m trying to map out my domain, personalize my email and learn about Google Apps for small businesses.   On top of that, I have my two photo jobs coming up tomorrow night and Saturday for which I will have to process hundreds of photos in a very short time.  Oh mylanta… Do I really have to punish myself this much ?

The thing is I love to learn.  LOVE.  I get a bit cranky if I go more than a day without reading something new.  My husband has witnessed this phenomenon.  He’s almost like that expectant father who will go for ice cream at 2am.  If I REALLY NEED something to read, he’s been known to do a Globe and Mail run for me.  I now prevent this withdrawal by taking too much stuff out of the library and having magazines everywhere.  No co-dependant RA (readers Anonymous) for me.

In the interest of my fledgling photography business, and the suggestion that I consider some freelance communications jobs, I thought it would be professional to set up a personalized domain name owned email.  Trouble is, I already own my domain name and in my exuberance to try a new shiny thing, I signed up for another one … Oh mylanta again.  Now I have fix a mess, that had I practiced restraint, I would not be cleaning up with time I don’t have.

So please bear with me as I once again try to crowd more information in to an already packed melon that might just crack under pressure.  I think I’ll get out my new Swiffer just in case …

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